Our Goal

The goal of Have Faith Behavioral Health is to find light despite of the pitfalls and darkness that sometimes we experience in life. We have a dedicated staff of highly trained therapists to guide you to a peaceful and happy place in your life. Don’t let the failure of yesterday and the unknown of tomorrow steer your life. Live in the here and now and savor every bit of it. Turn off that negative voice and breathe. But most of all have faith.

Our Impact

Are you currently experiencing life problems including but not limited to anxiety, depression, marriage or family issues, trauma, unresolved grief, or are you a parent experiencing issues with your child's behaviors? At "Have Faith Behavioral Health" we have a team of therapists who are dedicated to helping individuals, couples and families seek solace from the challenges that are stopping you from living out your best life!

We provide a healthy environment that caters to each patients need. Your health and well- being is our only concern. In life we're guaranteed to fall down. We all are, but we're here to pick you back up. We will strive to get you back on track on your journey towards happiness and wellness!
Our therapists are currently conducting all sessions via telehealth. You can reach out to get more information or to get started on your path to healing by calling the given number or via email.


Years in Practice: 9 Years
License: New Jersey / 37PC00402100

Our Team

Andie Loiseau

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)


Everyone deserves someone in their corner, and I will be just that; to support, to challenge and teach. I approach everyone without judgment and work to make each person feel accepted, validated, and understood.


My name is Andie Loiseau, I have been in the field for over 10 years and currently hold an LCSW license. My experiences include working in the mental health and substance abuse field with adults and adolescents, through individual therapy, group therapy, family sessions, couples therapy and marriage counseling. My education includes bachelor’s degree in psychology from William Paterson University and a master’s degree in social work from Monmouth University.


Throughout my career and training, I have seen the power of therapy and the tremendous impact it has on an individual. My approach is best described as an individualized approached which includes CBT and strength-based interventions to address each client’s unique set of needs. My goal is meet each client where there are and being a person of faith that allows to me to take a multidimensional approach as needed. I believe people have the intrinsic strength within them to actualize to their best sense of self and with the right support you’d be amaze of what you can accomplish. It is time to give yourself the opportunity for healing and the safe place to do so.


See you soon,



Charles Horton

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)